Are you losing your hair?  Well, you are not the only one facing the problem.  Hair loss is a common issue faced by both men and women.  Statistics show that 18% of men under age of 30 face hair related problems while 20% women under age 50years experience hair loss.

As we all know, hair loss is due to three factors predominantly – Stress, Hormones and familial tendency.  Stress is one of the most important factors which leads to hair loss.  The work culture and working hours, smartphones and internet usage, smartphones have considerably changed our lifestyle and also influenced our stress levels.  Statistics show that 59% of working mass feel stressed out.

Many hormones which play an important role in our body also impart their effect on the hair cycle.  Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone impart a significant effect as well as the thyroid hormones.  High cortisol levels also contributes to hair loss.

Drugs to Regrow hair:

Minoxidil:   It reverses hair loss in both men and women.  But it is effective till a person uses it and the effect goes off once it is discontinued.  In some cases, it can lead to scalp irritation and inflammation and in others, it may not be effective.

Finasteride:  It decreases DHT levels in the body thereby preventing hair loss and help hair regrow.  But it is not effective in women.

Moreover, these drugs cannot replace the lost hair follicles.

Permanent Solution:

Hair transplant is the procedure to recreate the hair and hairline through surgery.  It gives you long term natural looking and undetectable results.  If you are suffering from hair loss or getting bald, hair transplant is an effective solution.  The best thing about this procedure is that, it is your own hair that is translocated from other areas of the body to the balding area by surgery.  You can treat these hairs as your own natural hair, can comb and trim them. It is not a wig, so you won’t be restricted from your activities like running and swimming.  Do not worry about hair loss and let the best Hair Transplant Center DEWDROPS serve you by their safe hands.

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