Different hair growth stages.

Anagen Phase

Also known as the growth phase of hairs, it is an active development phase in follicles. The scalp cells stay in this phase for about 2-6 years.
90% of the hair cells are said to be in this stage at any point of time.

Exogen Phase

Known as the shedding hair growth phase, the new hair shafts push the older and the dead ones out from the surface of the skin.

Catagen Phase

A transition takes place at the end of the anagen phase. 2/3rd of the lower follicles get destroyed in this phase, while the dermal Papilla remains attached to regressing follicles.

Telogen Phase

Also known as the resting/pause phase for the developing hair follicles. The follicles take adequate rest, waiting for the chemical signals to prompt it to begin fresh, once again.

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