Are you experiencing stuffy nose problems and are only able to breathe air through the mouth? It can put your health at risk and so, you should not dismiss the obstruction of your nose as a minor health problem. You should do everything possible to restore normalcy to your nose and breathing.

Nose surgery in BhubaneswarWhen there is a decrease in flow of air through the nose, there is reduced air pressure – which causes degeneration and reduction of nasal passage size. On the other hand, the more you use your nose, the more it will start to feel open.

  1. Try exercises for nose, such as humming

Close the mouth and rest the front section of your tongue behind the front teeth and in your mouth roof. While breathing out, say “hmmmm….”.

This will push your vocal cords together and squeeze out the air through your nose. There will be an increase in the circulation of air and it can help clear your sinuses and nose. Repeat this two to four times every day for 10 to 20 minutes in chronic cases of sinusitis or blocked nose. This will help resolve the problems.

2) Increase the level of carbon dioxide in your body

When you exercise while reducing your breathing at the same time, it can increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your body – which can help provide relief from the blockage of the nose.

You can ride a bike, jog or take a walk while counting the number of pedal pushes or steps taken during inhalation and exhalation. The longer that you exhale, the more is your body able to relax. You should aim to do more pedal pushes or step more while exhaling than while inhaling. You may also try to widen your nostrils by using nasal strips during a transition stage.

3) Use a baking soda and salt solution to rinse your nose

Boil a cup of water and let it come down to lukewarm temperature. In the cup of water, add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda and a pinch of Himalayan or sea salt. Stir the mixture to dissolve it properly.

Next, pour some amount of water into your palm and try to inhale the mixture into each of your nostrils by turn. You may also use a neti pot to give your nose a saline rinse. Repeat the process for quite a few times until you feel that your nose has become cleaner and the obstruction feels less. Rinse your nose like this for quite a few days, both in the morning and in the evening.

4) Try to hold your breathing while walking

As you walk, try to hold your breath by pinching your nose with your fingers. Let go of the nose when you are unable to hold your breath for any longer. Breathe in and out normally. Then repeat the process again. During the whole exercise, you should keep your mouth closed. If you wish, try to count the number of steps that you can take while pausing your breath.

There is a clear connection between health and the ability of a person to hold his or her breath. With the help of rhythmical breathing, you can unblock your nose sometimes.

5) Hydrate yourself more

When your body starts to become dehydrated, there is an increase in the secretion of histamine (which is a neurotransmitter/hormone) as a natural immune response. Your airways get contracted as a result. When this happens, your body loses more and more water with each exhalation. Naturally, if you suspect that the blockage of your nose is being caused due to dehydration, drink more water.

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