Hair stuck to a brush or bathroom floor: what does it mean? If you notice that your hair is falling out, then it’s time to take action. You may be concerned about your hairline and the thickness of your hair. Hair loss can be stopped by solving the problem with professional help. Severe cases may appear in men by many causes, so it’s time to get proper treatment and care for your uncontrolled hair loss.

Seeking professional help is advisable if you are losing 200-300 strands of hair each day. Here are some causes for so much hair loss in a day.

  1. Hair loss in your family before

If you have a family history of baldness, it is likely you will too. While male baldness typically starts at the crown, female hair loss will start with thinning.

2.     Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones play a drastic impact on your body’s growth, particularly with hair. Imbalances in hormone levels may lead to severe hair loss.

3.     Medicines Side Effects

A side effect of some medications may be hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs for cancer, antidepressants, heart medicines and others have been shown to accelerate the process of hair loss.

  1. Scalp Infections

Medications, head trauma, and other diseases can result in hair loss. Alopecia aerate, radiation therapy, ringworm infection, and excessive scratching or pulling of one’s hair are the most common reasons for hair loss

5.      Too much Stress

Your stress levels can cause your hair to thin. If you are in too much stress then it will definitely causes excessive hair loss.

6.     Styling of Hair

Chemical products used in styling your hair can cause gradual and extreme hair loss. Chemical products such as heat styling or bleach can lead to the hair falling out.

There are many types of hair loss treatments but no hair loss treatments are life-threatening, but to get the best results and your money’s worth you need to consult a professional hair transplant in Odisha.

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