The patients should be fully prepared before their rhinoplasty procedure, regardless of the internal functional surgery that improves the airway. The patient needs to know the pros and cons of the process and the thorough details of the procedure so that they do not have any further anxious behavior and complaints. The staff must always answer all of their queries.


Preparation of Rhinoplasty: What You Should DO and What you SHOULDN’T

Before any procedure, it is always important to know the DO’s and DON’Ts. The same goes for Rhinoplasty. It would be best if you cleared all your queries about the dos and don’ts by the physician. It is better to spend more and more time with your rhinoplasty surgeon. The reason is that the doctor looking into your case can discuss all the medical procedures with you better than anyone else, for example, the anesthesia, the recovery issues or side effects, etc. This is because each patient is different and has different concerns, and the doctor must look into all the worries and queries.


Things To Do Before Rhinoplasty Surgery:

For a successful and better Rhinoplasty Surgery, follow the points mentioned below:

  • Make a relaxed schedule for your surgery. Do not try to fit the surgery midst your busy schedule. Keep at least a 7 to 10 days gap before you resume your routine because you need time to recover.
  • Get an official prescription for medications and other things that must be avoided or consumed.
  • A physical test by your doctor before the surgery is preferable. It would be best if you avoided the surgeon performing the tests because your regular doctor knows more about your health and physique than the other officials. Ask for a form from the surgeon’s office, which must include all the subjects regarding one’s health and the aspects concerning Rhinoplasty, along with any surgical consequences or dosage of anesthesia.
  • It is crucial to take out time for an appointment with the anesthesiologist before the day of the surgery because the patient must have a clear conversation with the anesthesiologist to clear out any doubts or queries they might have in mind. The procedure at Ara Skin Clinic is that the patient receives a call in the evening, a day before the surgery, from the preferred anesthesiologist. The patient can directly contact the anesthesiologist if it is not done by night at 9.
  • You must fill out a preoperative form that contains the foods you should eat, the ones you should avoid, the clothes you should wear, and the details of facial cleansing the night before the surgery. It is recommendable not to carry jewelry or any other accessories at the time of the surgery. The patient must avoid aspirin intake on the day before the procedure. If you get any pimples or rashes on your nose, then inform the office immediately because pimples are infections on the skin, and no surgery can be performed when an infection has been set. The staff should provide a timeline for recovery along with all the phone numbers of the office and the surgeon.
  •  During the final meeting with the office manager, all the checklists and points covering all the ones mentioned earlier are given. The patient must submit a signed consent form along with confirmation of the time of nose surgery and the verification of the person who would be coming for the home care teaching by the recovery area staff and the confirmation of the one who would be lifting the patient.


Final Step of Rhinoplasty Preparation

It is the responsibility of the staff and plastic surgeon in Bhubaneswar to provide the patient with all the information and answer their questions regarding anesthesia, the procedure as well as the recovery because the patients are not experts in that field. We believe all patients must have their doubts cleared before coming to the clinic.

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