When you choose to receive a Botox treatment or undergo any other cosmetic procedure, you want to come out better or younger. However, when your outcomes fall short of your expectations, it is normal that you would look for a way to enhance your appearance and possibly reverse your therapy. What then can you do to correct a failed Botox procedure? Read on and find out!

Get more Botox!

If more Botox is required, do so. When facial features are drooping or sagging, further Botox injections may be necessary to balance the treatment region.

Wait for some time

Regrettably, you will have to wait until the product wears away naturally if too much Botox was administered in the first place and it left you with an artificial or “frozen” appearance. The full fading of Botox effects can take three to six months.

Go for Hyaluronic acid fillers

In case you have never had anti-aging injections before and are not sure if you will enjoy the effects, Hyaluronic acid fillers may be a good alternative for you because these can be removed before degenerating on their own. Your esthetician will most probably provide the enzyme hyaluronidase, which acts as a sort of countermeasure to hyaluronic acid fillers, to dissolve your treatment. The length of time it takes to dissolve depends on the initial type of dermal filler you used.

Get more Zinc

While there is no miracle element that may reverse the results of an unwanted Botox procedure right away, some minerals may enhance the outcomes of Botox. To improve the effectiveness of their treatments, several doctors advise their patients to take zinc supplements. Zinc might strengthen the impact of the process.

Get in touch with your doctor immediately

Contact your healthcare practitioner right away if you experience any severe side effects from an injectable treatment, like fainting, breathlessness, or double vision.

Remember, Prevention is better than Cure!

It can be much easier to avoid having bad results by preventing it beforehand than trying to correct a botched Botox job later. You should perform some research now on the credentials of your potential Botox provider if you have not done so already or if you are looking for a second opinion to avoid regret later.

Go for a qualified practitioner. Your Botox practitioner should be a plastic surgeon himself or directly working under one, have considerable training in administering these injections, and be qualified to do so.

Before agreeing to deal with a practitioner you have never met before, it is advisable to schedule a consultation first. This not only provides you with a chance to talk about your objectives and the specifics of your therapy but also allows you a chance to inspect the facility and make note of any potential problems beforehand.

When applied by a highly qualified and knowledgeable expert of cosmetic surgery in Bhubaneswar, Botox typically produces a natural, smooth appearance. But when done incorrectly, you have to deal with a “frozen” or artificial appearance.

It is also important for you to avoid “Botox parties,” or social gatherings where unqualified individuals inject a group of people with Botox. Despite being nonsurgical, Botox must be administered by a skilled physician in a clean setting.

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