Having children is no doubt a rewarding and beautiful experience. However, it brings along many changes in mom’s life. New moms experience these changes and can feel the lasting impact of pregnancy and childbirth on their bodies. Some of the changes experienced by these new moms are – saggy skin, deflated breasts and a “belly pooch”. So, are you one of the new moms and searching for a way by which you can find a way to regain your pre-baby bodies? Are you unsure of which procedure will be the most suitable in your case?

Plastic surgery is beneficial for women of all ages; however, there are a few treatments that work well for new moms. Are you interested in signing up for a mommy makeover? Do you want to know more about breast implants? Read this blog and enhance your knowledge about the 5 best plastic surgery treatments that will help you to get back your pre-baby body once again.


Breast Lift:

Several months of breastfeeding inflates and deflates the breasts in response to hormones and milk production. When this happens, it stretches the skin and the tissues around the breasts. This, in turn, creates a saggy and droopy appearance. When you opt for breast lift surgery, it directly fixes this problem by removing the loose skin that allows the breasts to droop down. The breast tissues are then moved upward and placed higher along the chest wall. This helps to restore a youthful appearance right away.


Tummy Tuck:

Your tummy experiences the most dramatic changes during the course of your pregnancy. For accommodating a growing baby, the skin on your stomach begins to stretch and this leads to the abdominal muscles slowly moving apart. These muscles and tissues do not always snap back into place after childbirth. If you are experiencing belly pooch, opt for a tummy tuck surgery that will help you to create a slimmer and tighter abdomen by removing loose skin and stitching the damaged core muscles back together.



All the parts of the body, including intimate areas, experience the impact after the childbirth. Many women notice the change in the size and shape of their labia after their child is born. A surgical labiaplasty is performed on the labia minora for making the folds more proportionately sized and balanced.


Breast Augmentation:

Breastfeeding for many months stretches out the skin and also makes the breast to lose the volume and appear deflated. Moms, who want more symmetrical breasts, can go for breast-augmentation treatment option. With the help of implants, one can get filled-out breasts that look proportional to the rest of the body. Many women opt for breast augmentation procedure along with breast lift to add volume and restore overall perkiness.


Mommy Makeover:

There are many areas of the body which the women want to correct after their pregnancy. So, if you want to fix multiple areas at once, then you can choose a mommy makeover. This treatment is a customized procedure that combines breast and body contouring surgeries into one.  It helps them to lift the breasts, tone the tummy or contour the waist all at the same time and help to get truly transformative results.

If you want to restore your pre-baby body then you have several treatment options. You can request a consultation with your service provider to learn more about these treatments.

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