Fire burns are known to cause chronic itching and constant pain. These two issues can affect your quality of life, as you will be not able to live a painless life. One of the consequences of having an injury that leaves a burn is that they are likely to have long-term scarring, which can ultimately lead to a physical disability. By consulting with your Doctor one can choose the best according to the type of burn injury.

Procedures for Plastic surgery

Burn care specialists work with the injured in both the acute stage and secondary stages of the healing process. Burn care specialists may provide skin grafts or scars revision, which can help to reduce the appearance of burns.

Plastic surgery can often be necessary to help burn survivors who suffer from a lot of scarring. Not only does plastic surgery help with restoring daily tasks, but it also helps improve one’s appearance.

There are a number of plastic surgery options available to burn victims.

1. Skin grafts

Skin grafts can be permanent, which means you’ll take skin from another part of the body and place it where the burn victim lost theirs. Skin grafts come in many different shapes and forms, so your surgeon will choose the type that best fits your injury.

2. Tissue expansion

Scarring reduces following the injury by encouraging stretch and growth of new layers of tissue. Tissue expansion is more effective than other remedies since it encourages the body to grow in place and not be transplanted.

3. Free flap surgery

Microsurgery involves in free flap surgery which is required to reach the shape of an area and add muscle, skin or blood. It helps reconstruct an excess damaged area.

4. Scar revision

Scar revision is a surgical process that removes any excess scar tissue that’s preventing you from moving. Scar removal will improve your ability to move in addition to relieving tightness or pain in joints and tendons.

Plastic surgeons are always striving to improve the quality of their work. In today’s medical field, there are many different technologies used to help with healing burns, which differed from past technologies. New treatments for scars are available Dewdrops Aesthetic Center is one of the apex plastic surgery centres in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It offers the best treatment for Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery & Burns treatment by a highly experienced plastic & cosmetic surgeon (Dr Susant Mishra) at an affordable cost with 100% patient satisfaction.

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